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Sep. 19th, 2011

On another update note, said novel from my NaNo days has well and truely taken a backseat. I did develop it a little further beyond the end of november but since then I have started on 2 more of a different genre to the original one but a genre I think will be easier (not to mention more realistic) to work with. They've both been coming along well at times, one more so than the other, but then I hit a slump and the words stop. I can think of all these little scenes and scenarios in my head but when it comes to good old narrative to tie them all together I really struggle. Any tips? Maybe I'll use one of them to get a headstart on this year's NaNo, but then again I am masters student now so won't find the time for things like that... :-P

'life' update

So there's been a few major changes since I last wrote. One of the first you'll notice is that my location today is Bristol. That's because I have taken the plunge into a postgrad course here at UWE. Very excited to be here but slightly on the alarming side too. There seems to be such a lot of reading involved so I hope I can stay on top of it as my organisational skills are rubbish!
I'm hoping this MSc in Health Psychology will get me a job in a related field but ideally who knows which field. I think I want to work in health (because obviously becoming a writer is soooo not practical for me) or counselling so this time next year hopefully I will be in a job which is a 'career' step as opposed to just a job, or I'll be on yet another degree course in either clinical psychology or stage 2 of health psychology.
It's a dilemna though because obviosuly I find health psych incredibly interesting, but on the other hand I'm not sure if I want to work in a mainly research role. I'd prefer more client interaction. My dream would be to have my own practice one day where couples or familys could come and see me (or individuals) and i'd specialise in mindfulness and posiitve psychology as therapeutic techniques (pro-CBT as well). But obviously this is unlikey to happen. So for now, I will sit back, relax and enjoy being a student again. I'll enjoy the course and starting the rest of my life :-). Until then, keep writing :-) xxx


It's been such a ridiculously long time since I last wrote, and so much has happened/changed since then so I guess I really should update. And I will...sooon.
This is just a quick post to say I'm still here!! I'll update more fully tommorrow as right now, I'm wiped.



Yeaaahhh, I didn't win/come anywhere near completing my 50,000 word 'novel' for NaNovWrMo. But still, I'm not too annoyed...it was my first attempt and all it really shows is that I have too much other things happening in my life at the moment preventing me from dedicating an entire month to writing.
I'm starting to feel I am never going to finish said novel or any of the other ones I have briefly started. Trying times for an aspiring writer indeed.
Thinking of taking an online creatove writing course to develop my 'skills'!!?? Good idea or bad?



Argggh, am ridiculously behind schedule in terms of word count. Starting to think this was a bad idea....really i'm just setting myself up for disappointment by even attempting to stick to this ridiculous target of 50,000 words in 30 days.
Currently at 8244 words on day 17:
"At this rate you will finish on February 2nd"...yeahhh thanks for the support NaNo.

But it's really not my fault. I've had work (ok i did have the last 4 days of but I was busy!), An awesome Jimmy Eat World concert in Bristol and christmas shopping to start. Not to mention; it's so much easier to read other people's books than it is to write your own!


Actually, I have already decided that I am not going to write a whole 50,000 word novel in one month because then it would be utter rubbish! This original novel idea that I had is important to me. I stopped writing it and started a new one thinking that my first idea was silly, childish even. But now I am going back to it because it is what I want to write. And if I have 50,000 words after a month, Brilliant! But it will not be a finished story and it will already be severly edited and probably utter rubbish. But at least I know I have been trying my hardest to write a good story instead of worrying about a damned word count!!

Where has this month gone!?

I haven't posted an entry in over a month...I can't believe where the time has gone! I have been working on my novel which has nowtaken a backseat as I go bac to my original novel idea (of a very different genre) for NaNoWriMo....lets see if i can write a 50,000word novel in one month. Only 48,008 words to go! :-/


I will attempt to use this journal as a means of gaining feedback on my novel, of which I will be periodically posting chapters (as they are written). However, being that it is only 2000 or so words (possibly less) thus far, we could be in for a long wait.....writers block much?! :-(

Failing that, i'll just be posting random stuff; thoughts, poems, song lyrics, general rantings etc etc etc - the kind of stuff that is generally of no interest to anyone other than me but oh well! :-P